Working with us

Use us. Here's how.

Situation One :

It's Onam in India or Easter in the Philippines, and all your best art directors have left town. A potential client calls you and gives you a brief for a business that could be worth millions, and tells you that the creative presentation has to be made in a week. What do you do? Take a holiday yourself? No! you call Missing Piece, and we will plug in the gap that your art directors have left behind.

We will work with your creative director on his or her ideas, and with our art directors and copywriters, bring these ideas to life.

Situation Two :

You are a small to mid-sized agency working on only local restaurant and / or car rental accounts. All of a sudden lady luck smiles on you and a huge business opportunity arrives and snuggles comfortably onto your lap. Unfortunately, you realize that you don't have the required creative capabilities to handle this magnitude, and hiring new resources will take time. What do you do? Slam the door on lady luck? No! you call Missing Piece for 100% guaranteed peace of mind!

We will step in as your complete creative team, and nobody will ever know.

Situation Three :

You've never really got down to hiring a full time creative director. You have a kickass copywriter, who doesn't have an art partner. Your creative team seems rather incomplete, and hiring new talent is complicated, time consuming and very expensive. What do you do? Ask your copywriter to brush up on his designing skills? No! You call Missing Piece, and we'll fit in all the resources that you need to complete your team.

We will plug in creative personnel for your creative team, as and when you need them, thereby saving you your operating costs.

Situation Four :

Business is very dull. The recession sinks its fangs deep into your earnings. You really wish you could chop off a huge part of your overheads, and ride the storm. What do you do? Extract a tooth and place it under your pillow for the tooth fairy? No! Call Missing Piece and your biggest wish could come true.

You can outsource all or part of your creative services to us in India, and therefore operate at lower costs.

Other Situations :

Size adaptations for different media / dealer panel adaptations
Pre and post production work, finishing, retouching and image editing
DTP (You give us a sketch and text, and we will lay it out for you)
Film production
Scripting for TVC / Documentaries / Corporate films
Photography services


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